Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm makin' waffles!

I have so many fond memories of waffles. Growing up, Christmas morning was always meant fresh belgian waffles for breakfast after opening presents. Waking up to a pile of presents is already a recipe for the best day ever, but fresh made waffles really enhance the general giddiness, I find. 

But this year my dad made pancakes instead. I was disappointed because waffles trump pancakes any day in my humble opinion. Waffles win on taste, texture, and they are much easier to make. (Pancakes and I don't exactly get along.)

So I was craving waffles and it was time for my fix. Luckily, once back in Vancouver I was able to rectify the situation.

A few months back I came across a $12 waffle iron while thrifting. Suddenly visions of fresh waffles filled my head, along with memories of a waffle filled childhood, so I decided to purchase it. And it has been one of my favorite purchases since. I first delved in with a basic vegan waffle recipe. It was delicious. 

So yesterday when a waffle craving hit, I wanted to try something other than the basic waffle. I remembered a recipe I had seen a while back on Everybody Likes Sandwiches for Lemon 
Cornmeal Waffles, and I knew that would hit the spot. Since i'm not well versed in waffle recipe science yet, I made no substitutions other than diary yogurt for the soy, soy milk for the almond milk, and raw sugar for the agave. I also had to use lemon concentrate and get rid of the zest since I had no lemons. Which was sad with no zest. but i'm happy to report these were still delicous.

Like, seriously delicious. I may have snacked on the first one of the batch because it was too delicious and tempting to have to wait to cook two dozen waffles to try it. 

I enjoyed them topped with my favorite christmas topping, pineapple. But instead of whip cream I used some strained non-fat vanilla yogurt. (much healthier and much more satisfying.) I also decided to sprinkle on some icing sugar for some sweet elegance. 

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