Thursday, December 16, 2010


Remember that time I tried my hand at making a Bánh mì without ever trying an authentic one? And how it was really good an all? But I still wasn't sure, 'cause I had never had a "real" one?
Well today I finally had an authentic one. And it was AMAZING. 
I was seriously loving every bite of this baby. The warm crunchy exterior of the bread gave way to soft warm fluffy white goodness, and nestled between that goodness was perfectly fried tofu, accompanied by crisp veggies with just the right amount of seasoning. Some kind of special sauce joined the party, and some mayo came along too. I added some hot sauce and more special sauce from the counter, and from there on it was sandwich heaven.
And it was only $3.64

The only downside, was that I may have spilled hot sauce all over my jacket since I had to walk and eat to meet a friend. And it was so worth it. 
And if I hadn't spent my last $4 in the world on this glory, I might be tempted to go downtown again and buy another. 
It's ok though. The shop I got it from is right by the library (a student's second home) so I foresee quite a few trips there in the future. 

So if you are ever in Vancouver, check it out.